Pharm 104 Lab - Botanical Photography

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What is the correct suffix for a plant Family in scientific classification?

In scientific classification, what is the importance of getting familiar with terms used to describe plants?

Which part of a plant is typically focused on in Macrophotography?

What are the essential elements in taking quality plant photos?

Which plant is commonly known as 'kakawati' and is used for treating scabies and itching?

What is a distinguishing feature of the flowers in the Asteraceae/Compositae family?

Which plant family is characterized by having flowers composed of mini-flowers, rather than single flowers?

What makes the identification of plants in the Asterales order important?

What is the significance of documenting the position where a plant is collected?

In plant documentation, what does 'temporal variations' refer to?

Why is it important to photograph plants' androecium and gynoecium?

What is the main purpose of forming a holistic mental image of a plant during documentation?

What is the main difference in considerations between macrophotography and photomicrography when documenting plants?

What is the recommended approach regarding editing in plant photography based on the text?

Why is consulting botanical experts like Digital Flora or its Facebook page encouraged for identifying plant samples?

Why is it important to underline the genus and specific epithet separately in a species name?

In scientific classification, what is the significance of arranging groups hierarchically according to ranks?

What kind of photos would macrophotography focus on when capturing the whole structure of a plant in life?

Which suffix is used for naming a plant order in scientific classification?

What is a key characteristic of the flowers of mints as described in the text?

Which plant, according to the text, is used for treating fever, headache, cough, and asthma?

In the Rosids-Fabids Order, what type of flower structure is characteristic of plants in the Fabales family?

Which family does the Acacia plant belong to based on the information provided?

What is the main significance of placentation in plant photography according to the text?

Why are the flowers of Asterids-Campanulids Order often described as bilateral?

In plant photography, what distinguishes the flowers of Senna alata (akapulko) from those of Senna occidentalis (balatong aso)?

What distinguishes the flowers of Composites (Asteraceae/Compositae family) from other plant families?

What type of tissue is responsible for conducting materials in plants?

Which type of sectioning involves cutting the plant part perpendicular to its longitudinal axis?

What is the main purpose of staining in plant microtissue preparation?

What type of microscope is typically used for studying plant organs at magnifications between 1-10x?

Which accessory is recommended for providing a reference scale in plant photomicrography?

What is the primary difference between macrophotography and photomicrography in plant documentation?


Experiment 1 - Botanical Photography

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