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What is the meaning of the word 'जागते' in the given text?

What does the phrase 'बिना हिट लावा' imply in the given text?

What is the significance of the word 'अंजलि' in the context of the text?

Who was the first physicist to formulate a concise definition of thermodynamics?

Which physicist believed that engine efficiency was the key that could help France win the Napoleonic Wars?

Who restated Carnot's principle known as the Carnot cycle and gave to the theory of heat a truer and sounder basis?

What field did thermodynamics develop out of a desire to increase the efficiency of early steam engines?

In which year did German physicist and mathematician Rudolf Clausius publish his most important paper, 'On the Moving Force of Heat'?

A P-N junction mimics a closed switch when it:

The conduction band is closest to the valence band in:

PN junction failure below 5 V is caused primarily by:

When checking a diode, low resistance readings both ways indicate the diode is:

Which of the following are true about a tunnel diode:


Test your knowledge of iconic Bollywood song lyrics with this quiz. See if you can identify these popular songs based on a few lines of the lyrics.

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