BMS Anatomy Lecture 4: Skull and Cranium Introduction

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Which part of the skull is considered the 'Brain Box'?

Parietal bone

Which bone is part of the viscerocranium or facial skeleton?

Zygomatic bone

Which bone is located at the inferior nasal concha?

Ethmoid bone

Which bone forms the posterior aspect of the skull?

Occipital bone

Which structure is part of the middle cranial fossa?

Sphenoid bone

Which bone contributes to the superior aspect of the skull?

Parietal bone

Which part of the skull contains the openings for structures passing through?

Internal surface of cranial base

Which foramen is located between the lesser and greater wings of the sphenoid bone?

Superior orbital fissure

Which structure passes through the foramen ovale?


Where is the internal auditory meatus located?

Temporal bone

Which foramen is covered by cartilage where the sphenoid bone meets the temporal and occipital bones?

Foramen lacerum

Which structure passes through the hypoglossal canal?


Where is the external auditory meatus located?

Temporal bone

Which foramen is situated between the mastoid and styloid processes?

Stylomastoid foramen

This quiz covers the introduction to the skull and cranium, including the structures of the neurocranium (brain box) and viscerocranium (facial skeleton). Presented by Dr. K. Lumsden, based on Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 9th ed. by Dr. A.F. Dalley II and Dr. A.M.R. Agur.

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