BMGT340 Organizational Behavior: Valuing Diversity Chapter 6 Quiz

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Which of the following is NOT considered a biographical characteristic according to the text?


What are some of the positive qualities often associated with older workers?

Strong work ethic and judgment

What is the average score on the Wonderlic Intellectual Ability Test, as stated in the text?

21 of 50

Which of the following is considered a hidden disability according to the text?

Cognitive impairment

What do we define as motivation according to the text?

Individual's intensity and direction towards a goal

Which type of diversity reflects surface-level differences such as demographics?

Ethnic diversity

What do people focus on if they see themselves as sharing important characteristics such as personality and values?

Deep-level diversity

What does stereotype threat describe?

The degree to which we agree with negative stereotypes

What does discrimination involve when we talk about it in the context of the text?

Allowing behavior to be influenced by stereotypes

Why do managers need to recognize and capitalize on individual differences according to the text?

To get the most from their employees

Test your knowledge on valuing diversity and the changing workforce in organizational behavior. This quiz covers topics such as recognizing and capitalizing on individual differences to maximize employee performance.

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