Blob Block Storage vs File Storage Comparison

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What type of authentication and authorization is used for managing Azure Storage Accounts?

Azure AD and RBAC

Which endpoints are exposed for managing data in a Storage Account service?

Service-specific endpoints

What does Storage Firewall allow you to limit access to?

Specific IP addresses or an IP address range

What must be used when creating a storage firewall to limit access?

Public Internet IP address space

What do Service Endpoints create for accessing the storage service?

Direct network route from the virtual network

How many steps are involved in configuring Service Endpoints?

Two steps

What does configuring Service Endpoints from the virtual network subnet do?

Creates the route from the subnet to the storage service

Which of the following is NOT true about Service Endpoints?

'Service Endpoints restrict which storage account the virtual network can use'

What types of blobs are supported in Blob Block Storage?

Blob, block, and append blobs

Which storage service supports file only?

File Storage

What is the purpose of a SAS token in Azure storage accounts?

To control resources like containers and blobs

Which replication option makes three synchronous copies to three separate availability zones within a single region?

Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS)

Which storage account replication option provides read-only access to the data in the secondary datacenter?

Read Access Geographically Redundant Storage (RA-GRS)

What is the maximum number of stored access policies allowed on a container, table, queue, or file share?


Which type of SAS token is only supported by Blob Storage?

User delegation SAS

Which Azure storage tier stores data for at least 30 days?


What type of replication makes three synchronous copies across multiple availability zones?

Geographically Zone Redundant Storage (GZRS)

What happens when a storage account access key is rolled in Azure Key Vault?

It invalidates any SAS tokens generated using that key

What is a common term used for importing keys into Azure Key Vault?

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

Which authentication mechanism was recently added as an option for Azure Storage access?

Azure AD authentication

How can Managed Service Identity (MSI) be used in Azure for accessing blobs or queues?

From an Azure entity like Azure VM or Azure Functions app

What does RBAC stand for in the context of Azure Storage access control?

Role-Based Access Control

What type of access does a Shared Access Signature (SAS) token provide to resources in an Azure storage account?

Delegated access

What do Storage Account access keys authorize access to in Azure?

Data in your storage account

What is the scope of role assignment under 'Container' in RBAC Resource Role Scopes for Azure Storage?

All blobs inside the container, the container properties, and the metadata

How are AAD authentication tokens used for authorization against Azure Storage?

To sign SAS signatures

What must be updated when accessing an Azure File Share using Shared Access Signature (SAS)?

The password of the storage account identity in AD DS

What is required to grant access to specific containers, blobs, queues, and tables in Azure Blob Storage?

Shared Access Signature token (SAS Token)

Which type of container access level in Azure Blob Storage allows only blobs within the container to be accessed anonymously?


What type of blob is used to store VHD files when deploying unmanaged disks in Azure Blob Storage?

Page Blobs

Which storage account tier in Azure provides cost-efficient and reliable storage using magnetic disks?

Standard tier

What is the maximum character limit allowed for a storage account name in Azure Blob Storage?

24 characters

Which access tiers are supported by General-Purpose V2 and Blob Storage accounts in Azure Blob Storage?

Hot, Cool, and Archive

Which replication options are supported by General-Purpose V1 storage accounts in Azure Blob Storage?


In Azure Blob Storage, which storage account type supports Block Blobs and Append Blobs only?

Blob Storage

Explore and differentiate between Blob Block Storage and File Storage in Azure. Learn about the supported blob types, performance tiers, replication options, and access tiers for each storage service.

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