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What makes life exciting and fun, according to the text?

What can help in proving one knows just enough about almost everything, according to the text?

What is needed to succeed at answering the weird trivia questions, according to the text?

What can the number of weird and outlandish facts fill, according to the text?

What phrase became widely used due to the world being full of unusual, eye-opening, and sometimes disturbing truths, according to the text?

When is Bihar Diwas commemorated annually?

In which year was Bihar carved out from the state of Bengal?

What type of programs are organized on Bihar Diwas?

What is the area coverage of Bihar state?

When does the Bihar School Administration Board post a series of One Question Each day on Twitter?


Test your knowledge with 21 bizarre trivia questions that will leave you shocked, disgusted, and confounded. Explore unusual and eye-opening facts that will challenge your understanding of the world. Embrace the weirdness and unearth the strange truths that make life exciting and fun.

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