Biosocial Criminology: Chris Benoit Case Study

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What is a key aspect of the relationship between biology and the environment, according to a biosocial criminologist?

There is an intricate interplay between biology and the environment in influencing criminal behavior

In the context of Benoit's crime, what would a biosocial criminologist attribute as contributing factors?

A combination of biological and environmental factors

What is a possible consequence of maintaining a 'naïve positivist faith in value-free science' according to the text?

Enabling extremist policies

How did Nazi eugenics relate to the treatment of Indigenous people in the US and Canada?

It was influenced by the genocide of Indigenous people in the US and Canada

From a biosocial perspective, what would be a significant consideration when proposing policy solutions?

Taking into account both biological and environmental influences

What did Chris Benoit do on June 5, 2007?

Strangled his wife and suffocated his son

Which aspect of crime causation is highlighted by Biosocial Criminology?

Nature vs Nurture

What is a key biological approach to crime causation discussed in the content?

Gender and Sex

Why is Biosocial Criminology considered controversial?

Due to its focus on challenging societal norms

What was Victor of Aveyron known for in the late 18th century?

Being raised by wolves

'Wild Child' Victor of Aveyron is used as an example to discuss which debate?

Nature vs Nurture

According to Judith Butler, what is the main difference between sex and gender?

Gender is a social construct, while sex is a biological characteristic.

What is one of the reasons mentioned for lower female offending rates according to the text?

Biological and genetic factors like brain and hormone function.

How are male-female differences in behavior described in the text?

Evident during the first few weeks of life.

What does the text suggest as one of the underlying mechanisms for the association between gender and crime?

Biological and genetic factors like brain function and hormones.

What does the text imply about the 'wild child' in terms of socialization?

The 'wild child' was socialized differently from convention.

In relation to crime, what does the text suggest as a consistent predictor?

Gender-Sex relation

Explore the case of Chris Benoit in the context of Biosocial Criminology, examining the nature vs nurture debate, biological approaches to crime causation, and policy implications. Learn about gender, sex, hormones, brain function, and the controversy surrounding this subfield.

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