Biology: The Study of Life

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Which of the following is NOT a subdiscipline within biology?


What is the primary function of cells in organisms?

Information processing

What is the unifying theme that explains the unity and diversity of life?


What do biologists use to make observations, pose questions, and generate hypotheses?

Scientific method

What is the approximate age of life on Earth according to the text?

3.7 billion years

What determines the force acting on an electric charge in most applications?

Coulomb's law

Which of the following is responsible for producing a magnetic field when an electric current flows?

Electric charge

What is the work done to move an electric charge from one point to another within an electric field typically measured in?


What is the phenomenon related to electricity that includes lightning, static electricity, and electric discharges?


In which century did the development of the theory of electromagnetism mark significant progress in understanding electrical phenomena?

19th century

Explore the scientific study of life and its unifying themes. Learn about cells, genes, evolution, and energy processing in organisms.

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