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What is a permanent tissue in biology?

A tissue that has lost its ability to divide and is specialized to perform a specific function

Which of the following is a type of simple permanent tissue in plants?


What is the main characteristic of meristematic tissues?

Absence of chloroplasts in the cells

Why do meristematic tissues play a crucial role in plant growth?

Due to their ability to actively divide by mitosis and produce new cells

Which meristem is responsible for the increase in plant height?

Apical meristem

In which type of meristem are sclerenchyma fibers found?

Lateral meristem

What type of cells make up the sclerenchyma tissue?

Dead cells

Which tissue provides mechanical strength and support to the plant body?

Sclerenchyma tissue

Where are sclereids commonly found in plants?

In the stem epidermis

What is the most abundant tissue in plants?

Parenchyma tissue

Test your knowledge on permanent tissues in biology, specifically simple and complex permanent tissues. Learn about the characteristics and types of simple permanent tissues composed of similar cells.

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