Biology: Characteristics of Life and Examples

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What is the most basic unit of life?


Which example best represents cellular organization?

Eye cells

Which characteristic of life is exemplified by the Venus fly trap?


What is the example of a tissue at the organismal level?

Eye cells

What is an example of a macromolecule at the cellular level?


Which characteristic of life is demonstrated by DNA as the organism's code for life?

Growth, development, and reproduction

At which level of biological organization would you find tissues composed of similar cell types?


What represents cellular organization at the organismal level?

Cell diversity like skin cells and eye cells

Which example best represents sensitivity as a characteristic of life?

Venus fly trap

What is an example of a sub-atomic particle at the cellular level?


Which component is part of the cellular organization?

Chloroplast (photosynthesis)

What demonstrates evolutionary adaption at the organismal level?

(Ex.) Automeris io moth

What is an example of a lipid at the cellular level?

(Ex.) Fats

Which type of reasoning involves using specific observations to construct general principles?

Inductive reasoning

What is the purpose of a hypothesis in the scientific method?

To provide a suggested explanation for an observation

In the context of the scientific method, what is the primary purpose of experiments?

To eliminate multiple hypotheses

How did Charles Darwin apply the scientific method in his work?

By making specific observations and inferring general principles

What role does a theory play in the scientific method?

It proposes an explanation supported by scientific reasoning and evidence

Which characteristic of life is exemplified by the concept of 'emergent properties'?


What represents energy utilization at the organismal level?

A human's digestive system

At the population level, what demonstrates homeostasis?

A herd of zebras with a stable body temperature

What exemplifies cellular organization at the cellular level?


Which example best represents growth, development, and reproduction at the organismal level?

Regeneration of a lizard's tail

Explore the 7 characteristics that define life in biology, along with examples for each characteristic. Learn about cellular organization, order, sensitivity, growth, development, reproduction, and energy utilization through real-life examples.

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