Biology Chapter 1: Introduction to Zoology

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What is the Greek word for 'animal'?


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic shared by all animals?


What defines the existence of an individual human being or animal?


Which property of living things refers to the assemblage of complex, large molecules known as MACROMOLECULES?

Chemical uniqueness

What do all animals have in common in terms of nutrition?

They must consume living or dead organisms

Which characteristic of living things involves possessing a genetic program?

Possessing a genetic program

What are the 4 major macromolecules in living organisms?

Proteins, Carbohydrates, Nucleic acids, Lipids

At what biological level would social behavior like food gathering in ants appear?


What is the process that occurs at the cellular level for life to reproduce?

Cell division

What will happen if heredity is perfect?

Enhanced adaptation

What is the significance of variation in living organisms?

Increased adaptability

What is the smallest unit of the biological hierarchy?


What characteristic does the presence of DNA in all cells describe about living organisms?

Presence of a genetic program

Which of the following is an example of a response to a stimulus?

Mating call of an animal

Which of the following correctly represents the sequence of increasing organization?

Cells, tissues, organs

What term refers to properties that become apparent only at higher hierarchical levels of organization?


In the context of living organisms, which of the following is an example of homeostasis?

Shivering during cold temperature

Which combination of characteristics is shown by a group of fish swimming towards a tapping sound on an aquarium glass?

Response to stimulus, homeostasis

Learn about the scientific study of animals including behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution. Explore essential questions like the differences between animals and other organisms.

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