BIM Implementation

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Which industry has been using BIM since the 70s?

When was the private version of Revit-like software released?

What is the underlying principle of BIM?

Which organization published the Canadian Practice Manual for BIM?

What is the definition of Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

When was BIM introduced to architectural practices on a wide scale?

Which one of these is a key factor in achieving interoperability in the design-construction industry?

What does the term 'interoperability' mean in the context of the AEC/FM industries?

Which project delivery system is better structured to leverage the full collaborative mode of BIM?

Which role is responsible for the development of policies about access and editing control, development of templates, and structuring libraries of shared digital content?

What is the job scope of an individual in the architectural practice who takes on the role of a BIM Manager?

What skills should be considered when recruiting staff for a BIM implementation?

Which of the following is NOT a key driver for the transformation of design-construction processes and technologies?

What does the adoption of BIM as an enhanced design and production tool alone NOT resolve?

What does BIM implementation require changes in?

According to the Canadian Practice Manual for BIM, what is the definition of building information modeling?

What is the purpose of a federated model in the context of BIM?

Which phase of the BIM lifecycle is the longest and where much of the investment in the process is realized?

Which of the following statements is true about the implementation of BIM learning process?

What are the different options for developing an education program for BIM training?

What should the strategic plan of a firm articulate?

Why is it important to consider different client segments when developing a training program for BIM?

What should a training program for BIM address?

What should a training program for BIM be developed as?

What is a key component of a firm's operational planning?


Test your knowledge on the keys to successful BIM implementation and the impact it has on operational systems, human resources, and training. Explore the necessary process redesign and changes in roles and responsibilities in this informative quiz.

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