Chapter 6

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What term is used to describe the reappearance of the conditioned response after a break from conditioning?

Spontaneous recovery

What caused the weakening of the conditioned response when the truck's music was heard but no ice cream was available?


What is the unconditioned stimulus in this scenario?

Ice cream bar

What term describes the process where the conditioned response gets stronger through repeated pairings of the conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus?


According to B.F. Skinner, which theory explains how new behaviors such as riding a bike come about?

Operant conditioning

What is the law of effect, as proposed by psychologist Edward Thorndike?

Behaviors that are followed by satisfying consequences are more likely to be repeated

What type of conditioning did B.F. Skinner believe is limited to existing reflexive behaviors and does not account for new behaviors?

Classical conditioning

In operant conditioning, what motivates behavior according to B.F. Skinner?

Reinforcement and punishment

Why do psychologists and parenting experts favor reinforcement over punishment?

Punishment can lead to negative effects on behavior

What is the purpose of shaping in operant conditioning?

To reward successive approximations of a target behavior

Why is shaping considered necessary in reinforcement?

To break down behaviors into smaller, achievable steps

What is the main concern when using punishment, according to Skinner?

It may lead to unintended negative effects on behavior

What is a primary reinforcer?

A reinforcer that has innate reinforcing qualities

Which of the following is a primary reinforcer?


What makes a secondary reinforcer different from a primary reinforcer?

It only has reinforcing qualities when associated with a primary reinforcer

What would be a good reinforcer for humans, according to the text?


Test your knowledge of behavioral psychology and B.F. Skinner's conditioning principles with this quiz. Explore the concepts of neutral stimulus, conditioned response, reinforcement, and punishment.

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