Cheetham's School of Music: Video 3

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videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:0:52 // How old was Peter Moore when he won the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:0:52 // What instrument does Peter Moore play?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:0:52 // When did Peter Moore win the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:52:89 // What instrument did Peter Moore's brother play?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:52:89 // What instrument does Peter Moore's sister play?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:52:89 // What profession did Peter Moore's parents have?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:89:120 // At what age did Peter Moore start playing the piano?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:89:120 // Where was Peter Moore born?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:89:120 // When did Peter Moore start at Cheatham's?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:120:166 // What is Peter Moore's favorite ensemble at school?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:120:166 // Which sport does Peter Moore enjoy playing?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:120:166 // What does Peter Moore enjoy doing when he's not playing music or sports?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:166:193 // What does the text suggest about Peter Moore?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:166:193 // What does the text imply about the teachers at Cheatham's?

videoq:0KZAXmpY8LA:166:193 // What is the main message conveyed by the text?


Test your knowledge about the talented young musicians who have won the prestigious BBC Young Musician of the Year award. From instrumentalists to vocalists, this quiz covers a range of musical talents and their achievements.

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