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When was the Micro Bit first announced?

12 March 2015

What does the Micro Bit contain in terms of sensors?

Accelerometer and magnetometer sensors

Which processor is used in the Micro Bit?

ARM Cortex-M0 processor

How many LEDs are there in the Micro Bit display?

25 LEDs

How was the Micro Bit intended to be used in the UK?

For computer education

In what month and year did the actual delivery of Micro Bits to schools begin?

February 2016

What is the purpose of the Micro:bit according to the text?

To inspire children to write software and build new things

What type of battery did early prototypes of the Micro:bit have?

Button battery

How is the Python programming experience on the Micro:bit provided?

Via MicroPython

What type of connectors can be used with the I/O of the Micro:bit?

4 mm banana plugs

How are user codes compiled for the Micro:bit?

Using a cloud compiler service

What was the BBC's plan regarding distribution of the Micro:bit?

'To give it away for free to every Year 7 child in Britain'

Test your knowledge about the BBC Micro Bit, an open source hardware ARM-based embedded system designed for computer education in the UK. Learn about its features, design, and purpose in education.

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