Basketball Team Member Eligibility Quiz

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What is the maximum number of accompanying delegation members allowed for each team according to Rule 4.2.1?

According to Definition 4.1.1, when is a team member eligible to play?

According to Rule 4.2.2, how many team members from each team shall be on the court during playing time?

What is the requirement for the numbers on the back of the shirts?

When does a substitute become a player according to Rule 4.2.3?

What must players do with their shirts during play?

What distinguishes a player from an excluded player according to Definition 4.1.3?

Which equipment is not permitted for players according to the rules?

What is the requirement for the socks of team members?

What is the requirement for the uniform shorts?

What action must a player take before returning to the court after bleeding?

When may a player communicate with the referees during the game?

When can a player continue to play if they recover from bleeding during a time-out?

What is the duty of the captain in case of a game protest?

When can players designated by the head coach be substituted due to injury?

What action should the referees take in the event of injury to a player when the ball is live?

What must happen if a player receives assistance from their head coach or accompanying delegation members after injury?

Under what circumstances may a doctor enter the court without the referee's permission?

What is required of any player who is bleeding or has an open wound during the game?

When must a referee stop the game immediately to protect an injured player?


This quiz evaluates your understanding of the eligibility and entitlement of team members in basketball according to the regulations and rules of the organising body. It covers topics such as authorisation to play, entering names on the scoresheet, and player status during the game.

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