Basketball Equipment and Measurements

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What material must the basketball be made of in official FIBA competitions?

At what height is the basketball rim (hoop) mounted above the ground?

What are the regulation dimensions of the backboard in basketball?

What is the diameter of the basketball rim (hoop)?

What is the regulation circumference range for a basketball?

What is the standard height of the basketball rim (hoop) above the ground?

What is the standard width of a basketball backboard?

What is the standard length of a basketball court in NBA and College games?

What type of shoes are typically recommended for basketball players?

Which basketball skill allows a player to move around the court while in possession of the ball?

What is the primary objective in basketball?

What is the basic skill that a basketball player should possess?

Who is credited with inventing basketball?

What is the term for the art of paper folding?

Which style of traditional Japanese theater includes music, dance, and drama?

What does the term 'manga' refer to?

What does 'Kumadori' refer to in Japanese theater?

What is Ukiyo-e known for?

What is the main aspect of basketball that involves jumping with power to gain possession of the ball?

What is the primary skill that defines the best in basketball?


Test your knowledge of basketball equipment and measurements with this quiz. Learn about the dimensions, materials, and specifications of the basketball, basket (goal), rim, and backboard.

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