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What are the basic building blocks of a computer network?

Nodes and Links

Which of the following is NOT a network node according to the text?


What is the function of a protocol in computer networking?

To set rules and standards for data transmission

Which of the following is an example of a protocol used in computer networking?


What is a unique numerical identifier assigned to every device on a network?

IP Address

What type of network architecture involves nodes that can be servers or clients, where the server manages client behavior?

Client-Server Architecture

In computer networking, what is the purpose of a firewall?

Monitor and control network traffic

Which network topology refers to a network where all devices are connected to a central hub?


What does the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol translate into IP addresses?

Human-readable domain names

Which type of network covers a large geographic area, such as a city or country?

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Test your knowledge on the fundamental concepts of computer networking, including the connection of computers, communication protocols, and basic network components like nodes and links. Explore the foundational aspects of computer networks in this quiz.

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