Basic Needs for Plant Growth

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What do seeds need to be planted on for optimal growth?

What helps the leaves of plants make food?

How often should the plants in the garden be watered?

What is essential for the growth of both people and plants?

What part of the plant absorbs nutrients and water from the soil?

What is the reproductive organ of a plant?

What is the process of food making in plants called?

What is the function of stomata in plant leaves?

Why do trees in the forest grow very tall and strong?

What is the purpose of thorns and hairs on some plants?

Why do cactuses have a big, thick stem?

What is the purpose of the waxy surface on gabi leaves?

Why do banana leaves tend to be big and wide?

What is the specialized function of thick stems in desert plants like cactuses?


This quiz covers the basic requirements for healthy plant growth, including good soil, sunlight, water, air, and proper care.

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