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What does the white garment symbolize for the newly baptized?

That they are washed clean of sin

Who is the ordinary minister of the sacrament of Confirmation?


What is the effect of Confirmation on the individual?

Deepens the grace received at baptism

What type of sin is considered a relatively slight sin?

Venial sin

What part of the mass includes readings like First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, and Gospel Acclamation?

'Liturgy of the Word'

What is the act of penitents called where they name all the sins they have committed?


What does the term 'Eucharist' translate to?


Which type of contrition is characterized by sorrow that comes from love of God?

Perfect Contrition

What sacrament involves the consecration, empowerment, or protection of a sick individual?

Anointing of the Sick

Which sacrament is often referred to as 'food for the journey' and is received by those about to leave this earthly life?


What is the commitment to a faithful and exclusive love in marriage called?


During which sacrament does a priest lay hands on the sick person, pray for them, and anoint them with oil on specific body parts?

Anointing of the Sick

What are the conditions for a valid marriage?

The couple must exchange their consent freely and intend to marry for life, be faithful, and open to children.

What is the role of a DEACON in the Church?

Serving others, as the Greek word diakoneo suggests.

What is the distinguishing factor between a DIOCESAN PRIEST and a RELIGIOUS PRIEST?

Diocesan priests are assigned to a parish by the bishop, while religious priests lead dioceses.

What do the THREE EVANGELICAL COUNSELS consist of?

Poverty, Chastity, Obedience

Which term is often associated with the BISHOP in terms of hierarchy within the Church?


What is the Greek word diakoneo usually translated as?


Study Notes

Sacraments of Initiation

  • Baptism: symbolized by wearing white garments, symbolizing being washed clean of sin
  • Two types of sin:
    • Original Sin: consequence of Adam and Eve's first sin, inherited by all humans
    • Personal Sin: willful disobedience to God's will
  • Confirmation:
    • Enhances and deepens baptismal grace
    • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    • Leaves an indelible mark
    • Administered by a Bishop (ordinary) or Priest (extraordinary)
    • Uses Holy Chrism oil

Sacrament of Eucharist

  • Translates to "thanksgiving" or "gratitude"
  • Parts of the Mass:
    • Introductory Rites (Gloria, Penitential Act, Glory to God)
    • Liturgy of the Word (First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading, Gospel Acclamation)
    • Liturgy of the Eucharist (Gospel, Homily, Profession of Faith, Universal Prayer)
    • Concluding Rites (priest praying for God's blessing)

Types of Sins

  • Mortal Sin: grave matter, grave enough to destroy charity in the heart
  • Venial Sin: relatively slight sin
  • Avarice: extreme greed for wealth or material gain

Sacrament of Reconciliation/Penance

  • Also known as Penance or Reconciliation
  • Absolution: declaration of forgiveness of sins
  • Acts of Penitent:
    • Contrition (sorrow for sin)
      • Perfect Contrition: sorrow from love of God
      • Imperfect Contrition: sorrow from other motives
    • Confession: naming all committed sins
    • Satisfaction: making amends for wrongs

Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

  • To consecrate, empower, or protect
  • Administered during illness, to provide spiritual and physical strength
  • Also known as Extreme Unction (last rites) and Viaticum (food for the journey)
  • Rites of Anointing:
    • Priest lays hands on the sick person
    • Prays for them in the faith of the Church
    • Anoints forehead, hands, and other body parts with oil

Sacrament of Matrimony

  • Holy sacrament, officiated by a priest, uniting a man and woman
  • Goods of Marriage:
    • Bonum Fidei (Fidelity): commitment to faithful and exclusive love
    • Bonum Sacramenti (Permanence): permanent bond of love
    • Bonum Prolis (Good of Offspring): openness to having children
  • Conditions for a valid marriage:
    • Spouses are free to marry
    • Free exchange of consent
    • Intention to marry for life, be faithful, and be open to children
    • Consent given in the presence of two witnesses and before a Church minister

Sacrament of Holy Orders

  • Levels of Ordination:
    • Deacons: serve
    • Priests: ministers of Divine worship and sacrifice
    • Bishops: superiors of all priests in their dioceses
  • The Religious and Diocesan Priest:
    • Diocesan Priest: assigned to a parish by the bishop
    • Religious Priest: life oriented to the virtue of religion, all actions become acts of worship
  • Three Evangelical Counsels:
    • Poverty: finding sole treasure in Christ and God
    • Chastity: divine gift to make one's own the pure love of Christ
    • Obedience: following and participating in Christ's loving obedience

Test your knowledge on the symbols and significance of baptism and confirmation rituals. Explore topics like the white garment tradition, types of sins, and the sacrament of confirmation.

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