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What technique is used in the Bamboo House by Kawayan Collective to enhance its longevity?

The 'tambique pampango' method

What is the primary purpose of the insulation in the dome roof of the Philippine Arena?

To minimize heat gain inside the arena

How are the parts of Vernacular Ifugao House connected?

Mortise and Tenon Joints

In which building complex is the Tanghalang Maria Makiling situated?

National Arts Center

The design of Tanghalang Mariang Makiling took inspiration from an indigenous residential architecture characterized by its steep roof called:


Which open-air church features a concrete dome reminiscent of a pavilion?

Baclayon Church

What unique structural feature does the University of Santo Tomas - Main Building employ for earthquake resistance?

Lead Rubber Bearings (LRBs)

Which architect was responsible for designing the MACTAN CEBU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2?

DADA Architecture

What are the two most prominent structural materials used in the San Miguel Corporation Building?

Concrete and Steel

What shape is the roof of the structure designed by Ar. Angel Lazaro, Jr. in CBG, Antipolo?

Hyperbolic Paraboloid

What type of architecture is the Makati Stock Exchange Center considered as?


What does Parqal Mall in Aseana City, Parañaque feature as its innovative canopy material?


What was the primary focus during the renovation of the Nielson Tower's original character?

Maintaining the original layout of rooms

What challenge did the restoration of Rizal Park Hotel face?

All of the above

Which building today adapted the Art Deco architectural style of the Nielson Tower?

Rizal Park Hotel

What is the oldest zoo in Asia?

Manila Zoo

Who is the architect of Casa Manila?

Juan Nakpil

Where is Casa Manila located?


What material was used in the windows of the Rizal Park hotel before being replaced with glass windows?


What percentage of the Coconut Palace is composed of coconut materials?


Which native materials are utilized for bed sheets and bedspreads in the guestrooms of the Coconut Palace?

Banana Fiber and Coconut Fiber

Who is the architect behind the Pearl Farm Beach Resort?

Francisco Mañosa

Which system efficiently transmits loads along its surfaces to supporting foundations, making it ideal for creating gravity-defying architectural forms?


What type of concrete allows for versatile designs by removing traditional constraints on load and span?

Prestressed concrete

What architectural style does the Philam Life Building adapt?

International Style

What feature of the Philam Life Building helps manipulate the amount of light and air entering the building throughout the day?

Brise soleil

What specific engineering feature is included in the Philippine Arena's foundation to absorb seismic forces?

Lead Rubber Bearings (LRBs)

What traditional measurement is employed by carpenters of Ifugao using only their arms and fingers?

Dopah and Dangan

Which advantage is NOT associated with building on sloping ground?

Passive Solar Design

What unique characteristic can be found in Ifugao houses?

Steep, thatched roof sloping almost to the ground

Test your knowledge on construction techniques used in the Bamboo House by Kawayan Collective and the Philippine Arena. Learn about safeguarding bamboo, enhancing structure longevity, and the purpose of insulation in the dome roof.

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