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When did badminton make its Olympic debut?

1992 at the Barcelona games

What was the original form of badminton known as?

Battledore and shuttlecock

When was the International Badminton Federation formed?


What determined the first serve or choice of side in a badminton match?

Coin toss or spinning of the racket

Where was badminton popular thousands of years ago?

Greece, India, and China

Who carried the game of 'battledore and shuttlecock' back to their home country?

British soldiers

In badminton, how many points are needed to win a game in service play?

15 points

What is the minimum number of points needed to win a badminton game in rally play?

21 points

How is badminton service always done?


During service, where must the players stand?

In their respective service courts

What happens if a badminton serve strikes the net and lands in the opponent's court?

It's considered a let serve and is retaken

In doubles play, how often can each player serve before service is lost?

Twice per game

Explore the origins and evolution of badminton from the ancient game of "battledore and shuttlecock" to its transformation into a competitive sport. Discover how it became popular in different regions and how it caught on with British soldiers.

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