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When should specimens be collected?

On the acute phase (early) of an illness

What type of swab is not recommended during specimen collection?

Dry swab

Which medium is used when the organism cannot be moved within 2 hours of collection?

Stuart's or Amie's medium

What should be included in a specimen requisition form?

Exact nature and source of specimen

Which type of swab is preferred for organisms like N.gonorrhea?

Rayon swab

What is the average time for specimen collection?

15 minutes for shorter time, 24 hours if it has preservatives

Study Notes

Specimen Collection Guidelines

  • Specimens should be collected as soon as possible, ideally within 2 hours of onset of symptoms or as soon as possible after a diagnosis is suspected.
  • Calcium alginate swabs are not recommended during specimen collection.
  • If the organism cannot be moved within 2 hours of collection, transport medium should be used.
  • A specimen requisition form should include the patient's demographic information, type of specimen, test(s) requested, and any relevant clinical information.
  • Dacron or rayon swabs are preferred for organisms like N. gonorrhea.
  • The average time for specimen collection is not specified, but it's recommended to collect specimens as soon as possible.

Test your knowledge on proper specimen requisition processes, including patient information, specimen details, and timing considerations. Explore topics such as needle aspirations, swabs, and the importance of collecting specimens on the acute phase of an illness.

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