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What is the Bachelor of Economics (BEc or BEcon) awarded for?

How does the curriculum of the Bachelor of Economics (BEc) differ from general BBA or BCom programs?

Which degrees are often paired with specialized economics degrees?

Where is a structured 'program' often offered for Bachelor of Economics in the US?

What is the Bachelor of Economic Science a variant of?

What rating did the text receive for comprehensiveness?

What is the main criticism regarding the content accuracy of the text?

What was lacking in the version of the text that was reviewed?

What is the suggested action for maintaining the relevance of the content?

What type of examples are used in the text through the lens of US laws and economics?


Test your knowledge of economics with this Bachelor of Economics quiz! Challenge yourself with questions on economics, econometrics, applied economics, business, finance, and mathematics. See how well you know the ins and outs of this specialized field of study.

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