GeES 4016 - Project Appraisal and Financial Analysis Quiz

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What do sunk costs refer to?

What does depreciation measure?

What are direct costs in the context of project operation?

What does the cost of production include?

What is working capital?

What are examples of costs irrelevant for project decisions?

What is the measure of the loss of value of an asset arising from the passage of time?

Which costs are directly attributable to the production?

What does pre-operative expenses include?

What are miscellaneous fixed assets?

What is the purpose of conducting project appraisal?

What does financial analysis of projects involve?

What does 'The Costs of a Project' refer to?

What does 'Land and Site Development' costs include?

Which component is considered the most significant in project cost?

What is the focus of environmental analysis in financial project appraisal?

What is the purpose of conducting project appraisal?

What type of information is collected during financial analysis of projects?

What does the total costs of a project include?

Which component of a project's cost is considered the most significant?

What is included in the costs relevant to the initial investment of a project?

What is the benefit of conducting appraisal during project planning?


Test your understanding of project appraisal and financial analysis in GeES 4016 course. This quiz covers the critical review conducted during project appraisal, the modification of project plans, and the financial analysis involving project revenues and costs.

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