Skill 3.1 - Automate Deployment of Virtual Machines (VMs) by using Azure Resource Manager Templates

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What is one key advantage of using Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Scale Sets?

Cost optimization achieved by running instances only when required

What is the prerequisite before deploying a virtual machine in Azure?

A virtual network

What modifications are needed when adding a public IP address to a virtual machine in Azure?

Define a unique DNS name, add the public IP resource, update the network interface resource

What does ARM stand for in the context of Azure Resource Manager templates?

Azure Resource Manager

Which deployment mode in ARM removes resources not in the template from the resource group?


What must be specified to specify a user image for a generalized VHD in Azure?

osType property (Windows or Linux) and the URL to the VHD

What is the purpose of the osDiskVhdName property when specifying a user image for a generalized VHD in Azure?

To specify the URL to where the disk will be created in Azure Storage

What are the different methods for deploying templates in Azure?

Azure Portal, command line tools, REST API

How can you export a template from a deployment in a resource group?

Viewing and downloading the template used during the deployment

What is the purpose of the Windows PowerShell DSC Extension in Azure VMs?

Defining a VM's state using PowerShell Desired State Configuration Language

What does the Custom Script Extension in Azure VMs allow?

Executing arbitrary commands for initial configuration through batch files, PowerShell, or bash scripts

How do the built-in extensions in Azure VMs help with post-deployment tasks?

Enhance post-deployment configuration and automation tasks

What does the 'Automation Scripts link' in a resource group page do?

Generates an ARM template representing the resource group's current state

How can a Shared Access Signature (SAS) be used in Azure?

Generates a secure URL for accessing an Azure Storage blob containing the script used by the Azure custom script extension

Why is a Shared Access Signature (SAS) crucial for secure script access?

It generates a secure URL for accessing the script in Azure Storage blob

Test your knowledge on Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Learn about cost optimization, scalable deployment, and declarative resource configuration using JSON.

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