2.3 - Azure Files Managed File Share Service Quiz

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What is the default storage limit per share in Azure Files?

5 TiB

How can you increase the storage limit per share in Azure Files to 100 TiB?

With premium SKUs

Why is it important to allow outbound TCP port 445 in your local network to access Azure Files?

To enable access, especially from outside Azure

What are the key features of Azure File Sync that extend Azure Files capabilities?

Multi-site access, cloud tiering, Azure Backup Integration, and fast disaster recovery

What is the purpose of sync groups in Azure File Sync?

Manage file synchronization efficiently

What is the main purpose of Azure Blob Storage?

Large-scale storage of various data objects

How are data objects organized within Azure Blob Storage?

In blob containers

What is the purpose of setting access tiers in Blob storage?

Based on data usage patterns

What is required before accessing Archive tier data in Blob storage?


Which protocol is used for Azure File shares when accessed from Windows computers?


What is the primary function of User Delegation SAS in Blob storage?

Secure access using Azure Active Directory credentials

What is the purpose of AzCopy tool in Azure?

Supports Blob, File, and table storage copy services

What are the prerequisites for object replication in Azure Blob Storage?

Blob Versioning, Change Feed, Soft delete

What does Soft delete in Azure Blob Storage do?

Retains deleted blobs for up to 14 days

Test your knowledge on Azure Files, a managed file share service within Azure that supports the SMB protocol and can hold up to 100 TiB per share with premium SKUs. Explore its common use cases like migrating applications, sharing files, and replacing file servers. Learn how to access Azure Files from outside Azure.

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