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What is the best practice for choosing storage associated with the Recovery Services Vault?

Geo-Redundant storage or Read Access Geo-Redundant storage

What do you need to provide the Azure Backup Service access to when restoring a virtual machine with encrypted disks?

Key Vault holding the key

What is Azure Backup Server?

A standalone service installed on a Windows Server operating system

Which workloads can Azure Backup Server be used for?

Windows Client, Windows Server, Linux Servers, VMWare VMs, Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, System State, Bare Metal Recovery

What is the purpose of the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) Agent?

To backup files and folders from on-premises VMs

What is the consequence if the passphrase for Azure Backup is lost or forgotten?

Data protected by Azure Backup is not recoverable and is lost

What does Azure Site Recovery Services enable us to do?

Replicate, failover, and failback virtual machines as needed

What type of data visualizations do Azure Backup Reports provide?

Data visualizations across Recovery Services Vaults and Azure subscriptions

What is the purpose of Azure Log Analytics workspace in relation to backup reporting data?

To store backup reporting data

How are permissions set on Azure resources using security groups?

Security groups with assigned membership

What is Azure RBAC and how is it implemented?

Role-based access control implemented by assigning a role definition to a security principal within a target scope

What is the maximum number of tags that can be applied to a resource?


What is the name of the resource provisioned for either Azure Backup or Azure Site Recovery?

Recovery Services Vault

How long is Soft Delete backup data retained after deletion?

14 days

Where can you view your current backup policies in the Azure portal?

Recovery Services Vault blade

What are the available Backup Policy options for Azure Virtual Machines in the Azure Portal?

Specify backup frequency, retention period, and backup point on weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule

What specific backup technology options are available for SAP HANA in Azure VM?

Fully, differential, and log backup

What is the default retention period for backups performed by the Azure Backup service?

30 days

What kind of backups can be performed for SQL Server in Azure VM using Azure Backup service?

Full, differential, and log backups

What is the name of the service that allows you to backup on-premises servers, cloud-based virtual machines, and virtualized workloads?

Azure Backup

What type of backup can you schedule for an Azure File Share using Azure Backup service?

Daily backup

At what time is the default backup policy performed by the Azure Backup service?

5:30PM UTC

What is used to enable Azure Backup and configure the backup policies?

Recovery Services Vault

What type of backup compression can be enabled for SQL Server backups using Azure Backup service?

SQL backup compression

Learn about Azure Backup, a service that enables backup for on-premises servers, cloud-based VMs, virtualized workloads, and Azure Storage file shares. Discover how Recovery Services Vault manages backup policies and retention.

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