3.5 - Create and Configure Azure App Service

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What type of algorithm does Azure App Service's front-end load balancer use for distributing requests among web servers?

Round-robin algorithm

What are the two types of workers available in Azure App Service?

Shared workers and dedicated workers

What is an App Service Plan in Azure App Service?

A hosting plan that determines how your apps are hosted

What is the importance of creating an App Service Plan before creating a web app in Azure App Service?

It is essential for hosting and customization

What steps are taken when scaling in Azure App Service to maintain application availability?

Allocating VMs, copying apps to new VMs, and using load balancer for distribution

How can apps be created in Azure App Service?

Using custom code or running Docker containers

What should be aligned during web app creation in Azure App Service?

OS and region with the selected App Service plan

Which security measures are integrated with Azure App Service for authentication?

Azure Active Directory, Facebook, Google, and Twitter logins

What type of records are used to verify ownership of the root domain in DNS configuration?

TXT Records

What type of backups are stored in Azure Storage for App Service, and what is the retention policy for these backups?

Non-incremental backups; can be retained indefinitely

What networking feature enables outgoing communication to Azure virtual networks?

VNet Integration

Which feature in App Service allows for the easy testing of new app versions before production deployment?

Deployment slots

What are the common deployment methods mentioned in the text for Azure App Service?

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)

Which tool is recommended for implementing continuous deployment strategies with Azure App Service?

Azure DevOps

What do Azure App Service plans directly correlate with?

Pricing tiers

Where are secrets stored securely for third-party identity providers in Azure?

Azure Key Vault

What type of records map a host to an IP address in DNS configuration?

A Records

Learn about Azure App Service, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that simplifies hosting web apps in the cloud. Explore its features like front-end load balancer, workers running on Linux or Windows, and customizing VM sizes for your app.

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