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What are the three core roles in Role-based access control in Azure?

Owner, Contributor, and Reader

What is a Resource Group template in Azure used for?

Declaratively describing a set of resources

What feature of Azure AD allows administrators to control access to cloud applications through additional checks such as user location and device the user is accessing from?

Conditional access

How can templates simplify orchestration in Azure?

By deploying all resources described in the template simultaneously

How can users reset their passwords from the cloud while adhering to on-premises password standards?

Self-service password resets combined with password writeback features of Azure AD connect

What can Azure Policy be used for?

Enforcing tagging rules and conventions

What service in Azure lets you create, manage, and apply policies to Azure resources at different levels?

Azure Policy

What is the purpose of using tags in Azure resources?

Adding supplemental information to resources

What tool can be used to manage users and groups in bulk within Azure?


What does a Management group in Azure contain?

Multiple subscriptions and support role assignments

How can Windows 10 be added to Azure AD as a device for management purposes?

Azure AD Join

How are tags at the resource level useful in Azure billing?

Automatically included in the billing report

What is the purpose of using tags in Azure?

To logically organize resources by categories

What is the benefit of using variables/parameters/functions in Azure templates?

Creating dependencies between resources

How can multiple Azure AD tenants be managed through Azure?

Creating new directories and deleting existing directories

What method can be used to manage users and groups in Azure, besides the Azure portal?

Azure CLI and the Graph API

Test your knowledge on Azure AD Join for managing device identity, enabling BYOD or corporate cloud-only deployments in Windows 10. Learn about managing downstream Windows clients through Azure AD and using conditional access to control access to cloud applications.

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