Aztec Chocolate: A Bitter Delight

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What form of currency were tribes ruled by the Aztecs often asked to pay as taxes?

What did the Aztecs use cocoa butter for?

What was the symbolic significance of the cocoa tree for the Aztecs?

What did the Aztecs believe drinking chocolate would give them during important ceremonies?

What was the Nahuatl term for 'chocolate'?

What did the Aztecs use cacao beans for?

Who was one of the first foreign explorers to take cacao beans out of South America?

What did Europeans initially think of the cacao beans brought from South America?

How did the Aztecs try to get rid of the bitter taste of their chocolate drink?

Who introduced Europeans to the delights of chocolate?


Discover the historical roots of chocolate as we explore how the Aztecs consumed it in a unique and bitter form. Learn about its cultural significance and how it differed from the sweet treat we know today.

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