Azrieli School of Continuing Studies of the Technion Phase 5 Quiz

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What is social engineering?

An attempt to trick someone into revealing sensitive information

Which of the following is NOT a phase in social engineering as described in the text?

Data Encryption

What is the main purpose of passive reconnaissance in social engineering?

To gain information without directly engaging with systems

How do social engineers manipulate individuals to carry out attacks?

By exploiting human emotions like curiosity or fear

Which phase of social engineering involves obtaining knowledge about target systems?

Information Gathering

What is NOT a common method in the social engineering information gathering process?

Social media monitoring

Why is information gathering crucial in social engineering attacks?

To gain knowledge about target systems and networks

What distinguishes active reconnaissance from passive reconnaissance?

Active reconnaissance involves directly engaging with target systems, while passive does not.

'Social engineers manipulate human feelings such as curiosity or fear to carry out attacks' - what aspect of social engineering is this statement emphasizing?

Psychological manipulation

Test your knowledge on Phase 5 of the Azrieli School of Continuing Studies of the Technion, focusing on maintaining momentum of compliance established in prior phases. Examples include disclosing passwords over the phone, inserting USB drives with malicious payloads, and more.

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