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In serverless computing, what is the main difference compared to self-managed computing?

Resources are automatically assigned based on the uploaded code

What is the key advantage of serverless computing according to the provided text?

Elimination of the need to manage infrastructure resources

Which aspect of serverless computing allows users to focus solely on code development?

Automatic assignment of computing resources

What does 'no provisioning of infrastructure' imply in serverless computing?

Users do not have to manually allocate resources

How does serverless computing differ from self-managed computing in terms of resource assignment?

Serverless computing automatically assigns resources based on code, while self-managed requires manual allocation

What is the recommended service for managing containers that are created from scratch?


Which service is suitable for handling migrated containers?


Which service is NOT ideal for managing self-managed instances?


If you need to manage both self-managed instances and containers created from scratch, which service should you consider using?

All of the above

What is the primary purpose of using EC2 according to the given information?

Self-managed instances

What is a container in the context of AWS?

A package of software with necessary elements to run on any environment

Which AWS service is used to manage containers at scale?

ECS (Elastic Container Service)

What does ECR stand for in the context of containers on AWS?

Elastic Container Registry

In the context of AWS containers, what does Fargate provide?

Serverless compute for containers

Which AWS service is a managed Kubernetes service?

EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)

Which underlying protocol is used for FSx for Windows?


What protocol is specifically mentioned for Linux in the provided text?


For which OS is the underlying protocol mentioned as NFS?


In the context of FSx for Windows, what does SMB stand for?

Server Message Block

Which of the following is NOT a file access protocol mentioned in the context above?


What type of networks are the availability zones interconnected with?

High speed fiber networks

In case of a disaster in an availability zone, where will the user be automatically connected to?

Another availability zone with high availability

What ensures that the user remains connected when a disaster strikes in an availability zone?

Automatic failover to another availability zone

What is the primary purpose of interconnecting availability zones with high speed fiber networks?

To provide high availability

Which type of network connection is established for users during disasters in availability zones?

Automatic connection to another zone

Test your knowledge on AWS container services including EKS, ECS, and EC2. Learn about when to use each service for migrated containers, containers made from scratch, and self-managed instances.

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