Automated Security System Deployment Costs

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What is a key requirement for effective cybersecurity governance?

Senior management involvement

What is a responsibility of the board of directors in cybersecurity governance?

Approving policy

What should board members be aware of in terms of cybersecurity governance?

Information assets and their criticality

Why is it important for the board to periodically receive results of risk assessments and BIAs?

To identify key assets for protection

What is a critical aspect of effective cybersecurity governance for the board of directors?

Determining strategic direction

How can senior management be involved in effective governance?

Approving policy and monitoring metrics

Why is the average cost of deploying automated security systems considered very high?

Small and medium-sized companies cannot afford the average cost.

What is one of the reasons why cybersecurity is important for businesses?

To comply with regulations like GDPR.

What is a key focus in cybersecurity governance for businesses?

Developing appropriate response plans for cyber attacks.

What role do small and medium-sized companies have in coping with increasing security threats?

They should strictly follow standard practices devised by regulatory authorities.

What can cyber attacks inflict on businesses, aside from financial damage?

Untold reputational damage.

Why are cyber attacks becoming progressively destructive according to the text?

Cybercriminals are using more sophisticated ways to initiate attacks.

What area is considered the most vulnerable for hackers to attack?

Applications and software programs

What are the latest predictions for global damages from cybercrimes?

US$3.86 million in 2018, US$10.5 trillion by 2025

What is one of the reasons for the continuous rise in cybersecurity costs?

Rising number of cybersecurity attacks

What does the text highlight about the new forms of cyber threats?

They are emerging in the marketplace

Based on the text, what is a key aspect that hackers have become advanced at?

Creating out-of-the-box ideas for attacks

In terms of cybersecurity governance, what is highlighted as a crucial area for boards and senior management?

Risk assessments

Learn about the average cost of deploying automated security systems and the challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies in affording them. Explore the importance of following standard security practices to cope with increasing threats.

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