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What is the purpose of the grid in AutoCAD?

To visualize the distances between objects and aid in alignment

Which command is used to turn on Snap mode in AutoCAD?


How do Object Snaps (Osnaps) assist in drawing in AutoCAD?

By allowing snapping onto specific object locations for accurate drawing

What is the keyboard shortcut for activating Grid mode in AutoCAD?


How does Snap mode differ from Grid Snap in AutoCAD?

Snap mode allows picking points on a regular grid, while Grid Snap sets intervals.

What is the default increment for PolarSnap in AutoCAD?

90 degrees

In AutoCAD, what does Ortho mode do when activated?

Restricts cursor movement to horizontal or vertical direction relative to the UCS

What is the function of the 'Nearest' object snap in AutoCAD?

Snaps to the nearest point on an object

Which object snap in AutoCAD allows you to snap to the centroid of any closed polylines and splines?

Geometric Center

What does Object Snap Tracking in AutoCAD allow users to do?

Align objects, match dimensions, and determine relative points

Test your knowledge about the grid and snap mode features in AutoCAD, which help users align objects and pick points on a regular grid. This quiz covers the functions of grid and snap mode and their keyboard shortcuts.

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