Attention and Memory: Primary Aspects of Information Processing Model

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According to the passage, which of the following factors is NOT mentioned as helping to preserve memory with aging?

Improved social connections

The passage suggests that age-related declines in working memory may be due to:

Reduced storage capacity and slower processing

Which type of memory is the passage most likely referring to when it states that older adults may experience fewer age-related differences in recognition tests compared to recall tests?

Autobiographical memory

According to the passage, which of the following is true about age differences in prospective memory?

Time-based prospective memory tasks show more age-related changes than event-based tasks

The passage suggests that age-related changes in _________ may contribute to declines in encoding new information.

Left lateral prefrontal cortex activity

What does the passage indicate about the relationship between age and the use of retrieval strategies?

Older adults tend to use fewer retrieval strategies than younger adults

What does the information-processing model assume about people?

They are active participants in the process.

Which lobe is attentional control linked to?

Parieto-frontal lobes

What characterizes automatic processing?

It happens largely without awareness.

What does speed of processing refer to?

The efficiency of early steps in information processing.

What kind of changes does the information-processing model emphasize?

Gradual, quantitative changes.

In which type of processing do age differences tend to emerge more prominently?

Effortful processing

Explore the primary aspects of the information processing model, which uses a computer metaphor to explain how people process stimuli. Learn about the assumptions, processes, higher-order abilities, and control functions emphasized in this model.

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