Atoms and Molecules Class 9 Science

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What is an atom?

The smallest constituent of an element that exhibits its properties

How are molecules formed?

By atoms combining through chemical bonds

Can atoms exist independently?

Yes, but only when combined with other atoms

What is the role of Vedantu in providing study materials?

It provides free CBSE Solutions and study materials

What defines a molecule?

Smallest unit of matter with unique properties

Study Notes

Atoms and Molecules

  • Atoms are small in size and exhibit the properties of the element they belong to.
  • Atoms can exist independently or form ions and molecules.

Formation of Molecules

  • Molecules are formed when one or multiple atoms combine through chemical bonds.
  • A molecule can be formed by two or more atoms in a chemical bonding.

Characteristics of Atoms

  • An atom is the smallest constituent of an element that exhibits its properties.

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Learn about the significance of atoms and molecules in chemical reactions, their properties, formation of ions and molecules, and chemical bonding. Explore how atoms combine to form molecules, the smallest constituents of elements.

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