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What did Rutherford predict as the reason for the discrepancy between the actual atomic mass and the calculated atomic mass?

Presence of neutral particles inside the nucleus

What is the composition of an alpha particle used by Rutherford in his famous experiment?

Two protons and two neutrons

What was the primary aim of Rutherford's experiment with alpha particles and gold foil?

To investigate the scattering behavior of alpha particles

Why was Thomson's model of the atom considered incorrect by Ernest Rutherford?

It incorrectly represented the electron as being inside the nucleus

How did the experimental results from Rutherford's alpha particle scattering experiment impact the understanding of atomic structure?

Led to the discovery of new subatomic particles

Why was gold chosen for Rutherford's experiment with α-particles?

Because gold could be easily hammered into thin sheets

According to Rutherford's experiment, what did the deflection of α-particles at large angles suggest about the atom?

That both mass and positive charge are concentrated in a tiny volume

How did Rutherford explain the stability of the nucleus against repulsion among protons?

By proposing the presence of neutral particles called neutrons

What role do strong nuclear forces play in holding protons and neutrons together?

Balancing the electrostatic repulsion between protons

How did Rutherford explain why electrons in an atom do not fall into the nucleus?

Due to the equal and opposite forces of attraction and repulsion they experience

Test your knowledge on the discrepancy between actual and calculated atomic masses of atoms. Understand the role of electrons, protons, and the nucleus in determining atomic mass.

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