Billio, M., Costola, M., Hristova, I., Latino, C., & Pelizzon, L. (2021)

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Which of the following rating agencies uses a different approach for ESG rating assessment compared to ISS-Oekom and Bloomberg?

What is the main reason for the growing interest in ESG ratings?

What is the phase that the sustainability rating market is currently in?

According to Billio (2021), what is one of the main findings about ESG ratings?

What is one of the implications of alternative definitions of ESG ratings?

Based on Billio (2021), why is it difficult to measure the ability of a fund manager in the asset management industry?

According to Billio (2021), what is the main responsibility of a company, according to Milton Friedman?

What was the effect of the 2008 financial crisis according to Billio (2021)?

What is the term 'ESG' officially coined in?

What does the environmental pillar of ESG focus on?

Which of the following is NOT a component of the ESG rating score?

Which of the following statements is supported by the literature?

Which of the following is true about the overlap of ESG indexes?

Which of the following statements is NOT supported by the literature?

Which index listed companies showed a similar performance for the Asia-Pacific region and in the United States?

According to the meta-analysis performed by Friede et al. (2015), what percentage of individual studies showed a non-negative relationship between ESG and corporate financial performance (CFP)?

Which study found evidence that firms with good social performance benefit from relatively high ratings provided by credit rating agencies?

Which factor strongly influences the overperformance of ESG portfolios according to Halbritter and Dorfleitner (2015)?

Which of the following is NOT a main sustainable investment strategy according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA)?

According to Billio (2021), what is the relationship between ESG ratings and credit ratings?

What did the authors Kempf and Osthoff (2007) find regarding the strategy of buying stocks with high socially responsible ratings and selling stocks with low socially responsible ratings?

According to Billio (2021), what is the effect of excluding sin stocks from socially responsible investment portfolios?

According to Billio (2021), which of the following is a challenge in assessing the sustainability of a company?

What is the goal of norm-based screening in ESG investing?

Which of the following is NOT a factor considered by major ESG rating providers in their assessments?

What is the main difference among rating agencies in terms of data sources?


Test your knowledge on ESG rating agencies and sustainability assessments. Explore different approaches, reasons for the growing interest, phases of the market, main findings, implications of alternative definitions, and challenges in measuring fund manager ability according to Billio (2021).

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