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What type of language is assembly language?

Low-level language

How are assembly language programs assembled?


What does assembly language enable direct access to?

Hardware resources

What do mnemonic instructions in assembly language represent?

Machine code

What feature of assemblers makes the code easier to read and modify?

Symbolic names for memory addresses and constants

What is the initial value of num1 as defined in the .data section?


What type of operation does add ax, [num2] perform?


What is stored in result after executing mov [result], ax?

The sum of num1 and num2

What is the purpose of the NumToStr function in the code?

To convert a number into a string

What does the instruction xor dx, dx achieve in the convertLoop?

Clears the contents of dx

Test your knowledge of assembly language with this quiz! Learn about the fundamentals of this low-level programming language and its direct interaction with a computer's CPU.

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