ASEAN Emblem and Integration

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What is the purpose of ASEAN integration?

To control the direction of the economy

When was the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) founded?

August 8, 1967

Which country is NOT one of the founding fathers of ASEAN?


What does market integration refer to?

Related markets of goods and services moving similarly in price

Which country joined ASEAN last, completing the ten member states?


What is the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) aimed at achieving?

Fostering economic growth and regional integration

Which of the following institutions is considered the world's largest development institution?

World Bank (WB)

When was the International Monetary Fund (IMF) created?


What is the primary goal of the World Bank?

Ending extreme poverty

How much is considered as the poverty threshold in the Philippines as of 2021 for a family of 5?

Php 10,000/month

What does the IMF work towards according to the text?

Fostering global monetary cooperation

Which bank was founded in 1944 as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development?

World Bank (WB)

What do the colors blue, red, white, and yellow represent in the ASEAN emblem?

Blue - peace, Red - courage, White - purity, Yellow - prosperity

What do the ten stalks of padi in the ASEAN emblem symbolize?

Friendship among the ten member countries

Which statement best describes the ASEAN Economic Community?

A major milestone in regional economic integration in ASEAN

What are the Four Pillars of the ASEAN Economic Community?

Single Market and Production Base, Competitive Economic Region, Equitable Economic Development, Integration into Globalized Society

Which term best describes International Financial Institutions (IFI’s)?

Provide financial support through grants and loans for development activities

What was ASEAN collectively in 2014 according to the text?

The third largest economy in Asia and seventh largest in the world

This quiz covers information about the ASEAN emblem and its symbolism, as well as the integration efforts among ASEAN countries. Learn about the colors and symbols representing peace, stability, courage, dynamism, purity, and prosperity, as well as the vision of ASEAN's founding fathers for regional unity.

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