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What is the main difference between natural selection and artificial selection?

Natural selection is controlled by nature, while artificial selection is controlled by humans.

Explain how natural selection occurs in a population.

Natural selection occurs in all kinds of natural populations and is based on the survival of the fittest.

What types of organisms are usually subjected to artificial selection?

Artificial selection is usually performed on pet animals or animals used for economic purposes.

How does artificial selection differ from natural selection in terms of the selection process?

Artificial selection is done based on human desires and specific traits wanted, while natural selection is based on adaptable traits needed for survival in natural conditions.

Give an example of natural selection in action.

Darwin's finches are an example of natural selection, where 14 species of small birds evolved from the same species on the Galapagos Islands.

How does artificial selection impact the genetic diversity of a population?

Artificial selection tends to reduce genetic diversity in a population as specific traits are selected for breeding.

What is sexual selection and on what traits does it act?

Sexual selection is a special kind of selection that acts on traits that help animals increase their chances of mating.

Define polymorphism and how is it characterized in a population?

Polymorphism refers to many different phenotypes found in a population, each group representing a morph (form).

Explain artificial selection and provide an example.

Artificial selection is the process of intentional or unintentional modification of a species through human actions that encourage the breeding of certain traits over others. An example is selective breeding.

How has selective breeding contributed to the development of desirable traits in plants and animals over thousands of years?

Selective breeding has led to the growth of plants and domestication of animals over thousands of years by focusing on desirable characteristics like milk yield in cattle, meat yield in poultry and cattle, and woolly fleece in sheep.

Provide an example of a fruit or vegetable that has been improved or created through artificial selection.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage were all derived from the wild mustard plant through selective breeding.

How has artificial selection influenced the diversity of dog breeds?

Artificial selection has allowed humans to drastically alter the appearance of dogs by selectively breeding them for various desired characteristics, resulting in a wide range of dog breeds.

What is the main difference between natural selection and artificial selection?

Natural selection is driven by environmental factors and survival of the fittest, while artificial selection is driven by human intervention to breed for specific traits.

How does natural selection contribute to the evolution of species?

Natural selection favors individuals with advantageous traits, leading to the survival and reproduction of those individuals, passing on their genes to the next generation.

What is directional selection and how does it affect allele frequencies in a population?

Directional selection occurs when a certain allele confers greater fitness, leading to an increase in the frequency of that allele until it is fixed in the gene pool.

Give an example of artificial selection in agriculture.

Breeding crops for larger fruit size or higher yield.

Explain how gene flow (migration) can impact genetic diversity in populations.

Gene flow introduces new alleles to a population, increasing genetic diversity.

Describe stabilizing selection and its impact on phenotypic variation.

Stabilizing selection favors intermediate variants, reducing phenotypic variation.

Test your knowledge on the process of artificial selection, where humans control the breeding of organisms to produce desired traits. Learn about the impact on plant and animal species and how it differs from natural selection.

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