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What exception allows for the impairment of the liberty of abode according to the Philippine Constitution?

National security concerns

Which document guarantees the right of the people to information on matters of public concern in the Philippines?

Philippine Constitution

In which scenario is a court order necessary to impair the right to travel under the Philippine Constitution?

Interest of national security

Under what circumstances can a person petition for a writ of habeas corpus against another holding them in detention?

If the liberty of abode is violated

Which document is part of the International Bill of Rights mentioned in the text?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What did the former Secretary General of the United Nations call the International Bill of Rights?

A Magna Carta for Mankind

In the Philippine Constitution, which article covers the Due Process and Equal Protection Clause?

Article III

What is the significance of Divine Laws in relation to human rights according to the text?

Divine Laws are basic tenets influencing some human positive laws

What are the three great powers contained in the totality of government power according to the Philippine Constitution?

Power of eminent domain, police power, power of taxation

Which case dealt with the concept of obligations of a contract as the duty binding the parties to perform according to its terms or intent?

Ysmael vs. Deputy Executive Secretary

What is the purpose of the prohibition on passing laws that impair the obligation of contracts according to the Philippine Constitution?

To protect creditors and ensure fulfillment of lawful promises

What does Section 11 of the Bill of Rights in the Philippine Constitution ensure regarding access to courts and legal assistance?

Free access to courts and legal assistance for all individuals regardless of financial status

Test your knowledge on the Bill of Rights under Article III of the Philippine Constitution, focusing on Section 6 which covers the liberty of abode, right to change residence, and the right to travel with limitations. Explore landmark cases such as Lorenzo vs. Director of Health and Zabal v. Duterte.

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