Art of Home Science

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What is an important skill that can be developed by studying Home Science?

Which disciplines contribute to the content of Home Science?

What makes Home Science an interdisciplinary field?

Which of the following is NOT one of the areas covered by Home Science?

What is a common focus area of Home Science related to food?

Which activity at home showcases both art and science in Home Science?

What are the areas of specialization covered in Home Science?

What does Home Science help us learn to manage effectively?

Which group benefits from the skills learned in Home Science according to the text?

How does Home Science prepare students for opportunities compared to other disciplines?

What is the main source of knowledge valued in Home Science?

What does the Home Science syllabus draw its strength from?

What are the five major components or areas of specialization in Home Science?

Which area of further specialization under Food and Nutrition focuses on nutrition outside of hospital settings?

Which specialization under Home Science involves clothing construction and garment designing?

What is one area of specialization under Resource Management in Home Science?

Which aspect of Human Development is included in the specialization areas of Home Science?

Which area of further specialization under Food and Nutrition involves managing food services in institutions?


Explore the art of selecting nutrient-rich dishes and serving them attractively to your family. Learn how to communicate effectively with family members to promote harmonious relationships and a happy life. Discover the essential skills taught in Home Science.

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