5.2 Art Nouveau

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What is a common subject in Art Nouveau designs?

What is Gustav Klimt known for during his 'golden phase'?

Which famous painting reflects Klimt's interest in eroticism?

What is Antoni Gaudi known for?

What was Gaudi's most famous work?

What materials did Gaudi use that contributed to the distinctive appearance of his designs?

What was one of the major influences on Art Nouveau design?

In addition to painting, which other forms of art did Art Nouveau style influence?

Who is credited with bringing acceptability forward for Art Nouveau through dramatic posters of women?

What were women frequently portrayed as in Art Nouveau art?

What materials were often used in creating Art Nouveau artwork?

What was one of the elements of Rococo that Art Nouveau incorporated?

What architectural style is Casa Batllo considered a symbol of?

What does the first façade of the cathedral represent?

What does the roof of Casa Batllo resemble?

What is the odd feature about the turret on the top of Casa Batllo?

Which structure inside the cathedral resembles a tree reaching to the sky?

What concept did Gaudi want the first façade of the cathedral to be for others to follow?

What is the main characteristic of Gaudi's design for Casa Batllo's interior?

What does the front of the nativity façade represent?


Art Nouveau and Its Iconic Artists

  • Art Nouveau incorporated designs into various forms, embracing the idea that art should be part of everyday life.
  • Female forms, plants, and flowers were common subjects in Art Nouveau designs.
  • Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was an Austrian artist known for his classical style, later transitioning to a 'golden phase' using gold leaf in his paintings.
  • Klimt's painting "The Three Ages of Women" features allegorical subjects and intricate details, drawing inspiration from a sculpture by Rodin.
  • "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" was a prominent painting during Klimt's golden period, using a mix of gold and silver leaf with oil paint.
  • "The Kiss" is Klimt's most famous painting, portraying a couple embracing in a meadow of flowers, reflecting his interest in eroticism.
  • Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) was a Spanish architect known for his distinctive style called Catalan Modernism.
  • Gaudi's most famous work is the La Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, known for its organic and unconventional design.
  • La Sagrada Familia was a lifelong project for Gaudi, and at the time of his death in 1926, only one of the four towers had been completed.
  • The cathedral is still under construction today, with plans to complete Gaudi's design by 2026, the 100th anniversary of his death.
  • Gaudi's unique use of materials, such as colorful ceramic tiles and patterned bricks, contributed to the distinctive appearance of his designs.
  • Gaudi's work reflects his deep understanding of architecture, incorporating curved surfaces and intricate details into his buildings.

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