Art Appreciation Preliminaries I: Music as an Art

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What is music defined as in the given text?

What does the term 'mousike' mean?

What is rhythm in music characterized by?

Which element of music refers to the part that can be sung?

What does tempo refer to in music?

What does the term OPM refer to in the given text?

What term refers to the relationship between melodies and harmonic elements in music?

Which of the following instruments is a chordophone?

What does harmony refer to in music?

Which voice type is characterized by a high register male voice?

What does the term 'labrophones' refer to in music?

Which musical genre developed during the Spanish Tradition (1521-1898) period?

Which composer is known for Kundiman songs he wrote before World War II?

'Idiophones and membranophones' are associated with which category of musical instruments?

What is the overall plan or structure of a piece of music called?

Which element of music refers to the loudness or volume of a tone?


This instructional module covers the preliminary aspects of art appreciation, focusing on music as an art form. It includes a brief introduction and lesson objectives aimed at helping learners understand the diverse means of artistic expression and the freedom of artists to choose their preferred forms.

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