Art Appreciation Lesson 2: Creativity and Expression

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What is the role of creativity in art making?

It sets apart one artwork from another

How does imagination contribute to art according to the text?

Imagination allows endless possibilities and the creation of bold, new art

What is the purpose of appreciating art according to the text?

To understand the purpose of an artwork and recognize its beauty

How does the text describe art's relationship with imagination?

Art inspires imagination and allows for the creation of something new

What is the primary medium of expression in performance art?

Human body

What distinguishes expressing emotions from describing emotions, as per Collingwood's view?


Which art form relies on putting together still images to create an illusion of movement?


What is the main focus of filmmaking according to the text?

Aesthetic, cultural, and social value

What are the three elements that architecture should embody according to the text?

Plan, construction, and design

How does Performance Poetry differ from traditional visual art forms?

It expresses emotions through words instead of paint or camera

What is Literary Art primarily focused on?

Writing using a unique style without following specific norms

How is Dance primarily described in the text?

As a series of movements following rhythm and music accompaniment

Explore the differentiation between art and nature, characterizing artistic expression based on personal experiences, discussing the nature of art's preliminary expression, and categorizing works of art. Enhance your ability to appreciate art and understand its purpose through this quiz.

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