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What is the name of the platform that offers funding for community projects?


What is the 30 Day Challenge?

A series of steps for starters on ChangeX to kickstart their projects.

What are the steps included in the 30 Day Challenge?

Watching a video, having a call with a ChangeX team member, forming a team, having a team meeting, sharing a team photo, and sharing an action plan.

How many people must be in a team to join a project on ChangeX?

At least 5 people

What must be completed to unlock funding on ChangeX?

A 30 Day Challenge

Why is it important to complete the 30 Day Challenge within the first month?

It increases the likelihood of success.

Who must complete the 30 Day Challenge to unlock funding for their project?

Each new community member.

What must be shared with the team when starting a project?

A project plan.

Study Notes

  • ChangeX platform offers funding for community projects
  • Applicants can replicate proven ideas or start their own project
  • Applicants are referred to as starters
  • Teams of at least 5 people must be invited to join the project
  • Each application has a dedicated project page
  • 30 Day Challenge must be completed to unlock funding
  • 5 Step Guide provides guidance for replicating proven ideas
  • Project page allows for managing and posting updates
  • Funding is available for individual or local community groups
  • Open grant option available for project choice

"Unlocking Community Funding: Test Your Knowledge of ChangeX Platform" - Are you looking for funding to kickstart your community project? Take this quiz and learn about ChangeX platform's funding options, including the 30 Day Challenge and Open Grant. Test your knowledge on replicating proven ideas, managing project pages, and inviting teams to join. Discover how you can become a ChangeX starter and bring positive change to your local community.

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