Arduino: Hardware, Programming Environment, and Community

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What is the primary purpose of an Arduino board?

To create electronic projects with its hardware and software

Which feature contributes to the popularity of Arduino boards?

Easy installation and simple programming language

What is a notable drawback of the Arduino Leonardo board?

Lack of debugger and limited program execution

Which Arduino board is specifically designed for textile technology and wearable applications?

Arduino LilyPad

What clock speed does an Arduino Leonardo board typically operate at?

16 MHz

What does PWM stand for in the context of Arduino boards?

Pulse Width Modulation

What is the purpose of the Arduino Mega (R3) board?

To offer 14 pins for digital input/output

Which component sits on the ATMEGA328 microcontroller on the Arduino Mega (R3) board?

Arduino bootloader

What is the clock speed of the ATmega328 processor mentioned in the text?

16 MHz

What is the purpose of compiling code in the Arduino IDE?

To convert code into instructions the board understands

What is the function of the 'Upload to Board' option in the Arduino IDE?

Compile and transmit code to the board

How much SRAM memory does the ATmega328 processor have according to the text?

2 KB

What is the purpose of the 'setup()' function in an Arduino program?

To initialize the program and is called once when the program starts

Which part of an Arduino program is executed repetitively over and over again?

The 'loop()' function

What does the 'pinMode()' function do in Arduino programming?

Sets the mode (input or output) of a pin

Which part of an Arduino program contains statements that run only once when the program starts?

'setup()' function

What is the purpose of the 'loop()' function in Arduino programming?

To perform actions repeatedly

Which part of an Arduino program can be used to control the state of an LED?

'digitalWrite()' function

Learn about Arduino, a programmable electronic platform with hardware, software, and a supportive community. Understand why Arduino is popular due to its open-source environment, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), ease of use, and affordability.

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