Architecture and Foodservice Design Drawings

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What is the primary responsibility of structural engineers?

Designing systems to support and protect building structures

Which type of engineer determines the overall electrical load in a building?

Electrical engineer

What is one of the responsibilities of the owner's representative?

Setting the budget for the project

What do mechanical engineers design in a facility?

Plumbing systems

In building projects, which professional usually serves as the overall leader of the design and construction process?


When are civil engineers typically involved in foodservice projects?

To develop and prepare building sites for construction

What role does the architect play in selecting other design professionals for a project?

Selects all design professionals except the foodservice consultant

Which type of energy supply systems do mechanical engineers design for facilities?

Natural gas or steam

When are foodservice facility design projects an exception regarding architect selection?

Foodservice consultant is selected before the architect

In a restaurant project, if access to the site needs to be established from adjoining roadways, which engineer would most likely be involved?

Civil engineer

Which professional evaluates the designs prepared by the project team in view of operational objectives?

Owner's Representative

What is one of the responsibilities of the architect on building projects?

Coordinating work of all design professionals

What do the architect's drawings at this stage typically show?

Elevations of the outside of the building, site plans, and location of roads, sidewalks, and parking lots

What is the scale usually used for the architect's schematic designs?

1/16 inch = 1 foot

Why are schematic designs often used by architects and consultants?

To gain preliminary approval from zoning officials

What is the primary focus of foodservice design consultant's drawings at this stage?

Major equipment items for foodservice areas

At what scale are the foodservice design consultant's schematic designs usually prepared?

1/8 inch = 1 foot

What characterizes the design development phase of a project?

Fleshing out the project's design through detailed drawings

What is the main purpose of working closely with the owner's representative in the development of a foodservice facility?

To ensure each piece of equipment meets the owner's preferences and quality standards.

What is the purpose of preparing detail drawings for custom-fabricated equipment in a foodservice facility?

To outline how equipment is constructed in floor depressions.

Why does a foodservice design consultant prepare preliminary specifications for a project?

To present a rough draft of specifications for review and revision.

What role does detailing special construction play in foodservice facility development?

It helps to identify areas where custom construction is needed.

What is the significance of having elevations, sections, and/or detail drawings for each piece of custom-fabricated equipment?

To ensure each piece meets the owner's functional needs.

How does close coordination with the owner's representative benefit the project team?

By facilitating effective teamwork among all project members.

Who is frequently responsible for the steps involving feasibility and implementation and training in a food facilities project?

Food facilities design consultant

What is the purpose of contract documents in a food facilities project?

To interpret the quality of work expected from the contractor

Why is it important for specifications in contract documents to be written carefully?

To ensure that every piece of equipment's quantity and quality are clearly understood

Which team member benefits most when the role of the food facilities design consultant is clearly understood?

Manager or other foodservice professionals

What is the main role of specifications in contract documents for a food facilities project?

To clearly define the quantity and quality of equipment required

In a food facilities project, which team members typically work together during many stages of the design sequence?

Architect and food facilities design consultant

Explore the different drawings involved in architecture and foodservice design, including elevations, site plans, equipment arrangements, and more. Learn how schematic designs are utilized for zoning approval and investor relations.

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